Dealing With Stupid

Nicki over at The Liberty Zone has figured out a way of dealing with the abject and gross stupidity that has become all to prevalent and tolerated in these degenerate times:

Find the source of the stoopid, pop its skull open like a ripe coconut, and find a chimp with a bad case of tequila shits to fill said skull with smelly goo, which will still be preferable to what resides in its head now.

😀 Yeah, that sounds about right and an effective, if messy, manner in which to deal with the various varieties of Hominidae stultum which have been allowed to over-breed.

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2 Responses to “Dealing With Stupid”

  1. Buffet Says:

    Whoa! Just had a peek at ol’ Nicki’s “work” over at her site. Something seems to be woefully amiss there? Have to get ready for work now. Will check Nicki out better later.

  2. Buffet Says:

    EEK! Obvious why “Nicki” doesn’t reveal her last name – she’s yet another uneducated dumb bitch!

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