DNC Strategy Meeting

Selling Stinking Shit Is Actually EasyDNC Strategy Meeting

You would think that the image above aptly described how the DNC was dealing with having Hillary Clinton as the Nominee for POTUS. You would likely expect the image to be a near perfect allegory for a DNC strategy meeting about the 2016 elections.

The sad irony is that such expectations are unfounded and in all likelihood erroneous. Given the DNC’s control over- or hegemony with the Lamestream media and the fact that Hillary’s campaign is predicated upon gender politics, and that the Blacks don’t fight their traces, such meeting are actually unlikely to have happened.

Even sadder is the likelihood that, if such a meeting occurred, it was the RNC holding it, not the DNC. Given their fear of Donald Trump – or any other “interloper” – they’re the ones most likely to have been trying to figure out how to sell Hillary to the voters. 🙁

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