A Cthulian Carol

‘Tis the holiday season and, as such, why should one choose the lesser of carols to enjoy? Fortunately, thanks to the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, you don’t have to.

I’m Dreaming Of A Dead City

And it’s not as if, in these times, any of or our children will sleep soundly with vision of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Better by far to dream of Cthulhu and his ending of all the things we’ve so foolishly created than to sweat through nightmares of all that is that we could have prevented had we had the courage and conviction.

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Fukyu-Obama Maki

Obama has chosen to “repurpose” NASA as both a means of promulgating the AGW hype and as a Muslim outreach program, all the while cancelling its programs and cutting its budget. Insofar as Obama is concerned, NASA needs to look downward and inward not upward and outward. Space exploration is right out. It’s just too costly.

But if it’s that costly, how can we have this:

Boldly Going Where NASA Can’t Afford To Tread

If a space program is so expensive that the Obama Regime has to curtail NASA’s efforts, how could a small Washington DC metro area restaurant chain, Sticky Rice, with only for restaurants be able to afford to collaborate with RVA TV and Bark Marketing to launch one of their Godzirra rolls into space – and how could they manage to do it in the first place?

OK, for the sake of precision, Sticky Rice didn’t actually put a Godzirra Maki into space. They didn’t breach the Karman Line and only managed to send their sushi into the middle stratosphere.

Sticky Rice should rename their Godzirra roll. They should call it the Fukyu-Obama Maki.

If a small business can, using commercially available equipment and materials send, film, and successfully recover sushi to the edge of space then it’s disgusting to claim and laughable to believe that America needs to curtail space exploration.

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Three Vermin Inbound

Three particularly vile Jihadi vermin are, according to British and American sources, planning on entering the border of America to speak at a protest in front of the White House on Tuesday, March 3, 2011. They are Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen, and Sayful Islam and the organizers of the event are the Muslim Extremist group, the Islamic Thinkers Society.

Choudary, ever the jabbering pig-fucker, has described the protest as, “a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and ­establish the Islamic state in America.”

These Three Plan In Washington DC  On March 3, 2011

Given their track records – and criminal records – there’s some doubt as to whether any or all of them will actually be allowed within our borders. If they do manage to enter America however, American patriots must give them exactly the reception that they deserve.

And, if the consciences of any Americans demand these vermin’s exterminations as that reception, what loyal American who truly loves this country and understands in their soul that it’s each and every citizen’s solemn and nigh on holy duty to provide for the common defense of the nation and their families find moral fault with those Americans’ actions?

Truly, how could one find moral fault with this, even though it would be patently illegal? After all, what is morally right and what is currently legal are often not the same thing, as our nation’s history has shown us time and time again.

Think About It Objectively

Leaving aside the possibly that our government would let these foreign enemies into our country willingly for one reason or another, they might actually be constrained to do so in, at least, Choudary’s case because of how our laws are written – and such constraints upon the government are needed to protect American’s liberty and rights.

But rights always come with responsibilities. Since we have needfully constrained our government in some ways, if we are to avoid those constraints being a “suicide note,” is it not required in extremis that the citizenry do what must be done to defend the nation even at the expense of their blood and treasure and even if that defense violates the law?


I would certainly find no intrinsic moral fault in such actions and, frankly, defy any American – except those very few pacifists who feel that lethal force is always immoral – to do so.

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