A Victorious Diwali

So, this year’s Diwali has ended. Here’s to hoping that beauty has won and that this was a much-needed victorious Diwali. We bloody well need a light in the ongoing darkness.

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2 Responses to “A Victorious Diwali”

  1. Tyler, the Portly Politico Says:

    I'm beginning to see why the Brits conquered the subcontinent.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, it seems to all makes sense, especially since the sari was normally worn without a blouse (choli) or skirt (lehenga) before the prudery of the British forced the Indians to adopt their wear.

    But yeah, during the British Raj – at least until the Suez Canal Was Built – British marrying Indian was strongly encouraged to the point that stipend were provided directly to the women after the birth and baptism of their 1st half-British child.

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