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I would say that I have to admit that I have a strong fondness for pin-up girls except that such a fondness, when not taken to the point of fetishism, is not something that a man need “admit,” because there’s no reason for guilt or shame in such a fondness for a retro depiction of female beauty.

So I’ve compiled a series of various sorts of pin-up style pictures into individual galleries of nine images each generally linked by theme, when possible, for our collective enjoyment.

This will be an ongoing work, with new galleries being added as I find more pics of interest in this genre and with the caveat that they do not include nudity, which I find to detract from the art form and from its history and cultural place.

Origin & History of Pin-Ups

Wines, Spirits, Liquors, Gifts, Wine Club

Functionally, the origins of pin-up girls, aka pin-up model or cheesecake, can be documented back at least to the end of 19th century, when burlesque performers and actresses used photographic advertisement as business cards to promote themselves.Those advertisements and business cards could often been found in almost every green room, pinned-up or stuck into just about anything that would hold them.

Artistically, the antecedents of the pin-up can be traced to the Gibson Girl in America, and the Art Nouveau posters of Alphonse Mucha and Jules Chéret in Europe. Nineteenth century postcard artist, Raphael Kirchner, contributed to the establishment of the “pretty girl” format which became a core component of pin-ups.

Selected Works Of Alphonse Mucha and Jules Chéret

It wasn’t until the 1940s and ’50’s, however, that the pinup-girl became popular to the point of being a cultural icon and the details of the genre were “codified” into what we now think of when we think of pin-ups. This was because it was at that time that pin-up passed from the photos and posters in backstage areas of theaters to fashion magazines, calendars, and advertising.

Even the US Government issued pin-up photos and illustrations to their soldiers during World War II as a form of entertainment for them.

This is when the pin-up look became very precise. Pin-up girls are always very feminine. Their lips are painted in bold colors; their eyelashes are very defined; their eyebrows are quite pronounced and normally arched; and their hair tends to be wavy or softly curled.

The pin-up poses are very suggestive without being pornographic, are in casual attitudes, and often entail using fetishisms such as women dressed as sailors, waitresses, nurses, etc…

Glamorous girdles, cinchers and corselettes

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  1. cmblake6 Says:

    Outstanding! Love the concept here! I was never into those pornopinups either, but things like aircraft nose art were far “hotter” IMHO.

  2. fr_Chaste_2_Chased Says:

    May I offer an additional specialty category?
    How about “Holiday Pin-Ups”?
    Leggy witches riding their brooms sidesaddle, Santa’s delectable helpers wearing fur-trimmed outfits that would normally freeze their assets off and the like.

  3. jonolan Says:

    That’s an awesome idea! Thanks! If I can find enough – 9 minimum – that match both that genre and my idea of the esthetic of the pin-up, I’m definitely going to do that.

  4. Ron Says:

    No Room To Rumba In a Sports Car…

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