The Clintons As A Couple

The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, are as a couple quite amazing. Most people boggle at the fact that they are still a couple after all that has happened.

Two Of A Kind
The Clintons – Two Of A Kind

But the thing is is that the Clintons are the perfect couple – perfect for each other at least. They’re two peas in a pod, both unrepentant cheaters. All that differs between them is how they cheat.

Setting The Record Straight
The Clintons – Setting The Record Straight

They even handle being caught in their various wrongdoings the same way, with predictably similar results. Truly, they’re a match made in Gehenna and, as such, it’s no shock that they’ve cleaved to each other.

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One Response to “The Clintons As A Couple”

  1. Jack Rip Says:

    The whole Clinton saga is mind blowing. Personally, I think their continued success is due to the collective indifference of the American people. There seems to be very few critical thinkers in our nation any more.

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